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Joshua, Malawi’s Banda and the Nigerian Connection: Matters Arising

Ezekiel Fajenyo and Sunday Patrick

The manner in which some readers of political situations in Africa, and elsewhere, respond to critically potential political events has often left much to be desired. Of a fact, some interpreters and analysts display more confusion and perplexity than the political players who have often pushed their territories to the valley of death.

Newly elected President Joyce Banda

Responses to the recent emergence of the woman activist and liberationist, Joyce Banda as President of Malawi, shortly after the demise of Bingu Mutharika (78), who died of cardiac arrest is an example of such. Banda had been his Vice President, but their relationship was sour, the type we had experienced in Nigeria between Atiku Abubakar and Olusegun Obasanjo (1999 – 2007). Such conflicts do happen at every level of government – local, state and federal, and in every society where people demonstrate interest in occupying positions of interest; such incidents are never ever without foundation. Personal interests, political ideologies, ethnic experience and religious differences have been known over the years to contribute to such actions. Contemporary politics is rich in diversity and like everything scientific, participants’ responses to situations have often been diverse, and understandably so.
The situation in Malawi should not have been unnecessarily read out of context.

It is significant to note that some funny characters have begun to read spiritual meanings, anchored on conspiracy theory, into the death of President Mutharika and the success of Banda, both of whom happened to be strong members of the T.B. Joshua led Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (The SCOAN). Common sense should make it obvious that Prophet Joshua could not have been dangerously instrumental to the political separation of the former president and his Vice, as good members of his church. Political differences are obviously not spiritual matters but issues which embrace sheer political affairs as seen in many countries all over the world. Even in Nigeria, state governors and their deputies have been known to tear at one another’s necks, just as in other African countries, even when they belong to the same political parties, ethnic groups and religious affiliations.

Prophet T.B. Joshua

If Joshua prophesied the death of the Malawian president, he has been known to correctly do this, over the years, not only of presidents, but also artists, professional lawyers, business gurus, statesmen, politicians, social activists, soldiers, media workers as could be seen in volumes 1 and 2 of the books – What the Future Holds (a journal of prophecies for the outgoing years given by T.B. Joshua). The books which are quite available, are according to the publishers, on “events which were to come, concerning individuals, nations and the world at large and reveal to all that Jesus Christ holds our future”; they are true revelations to a prophet who is known to let people “know God’s opinion about themselves” and of events which were to come, “concerning individuals, nations and the world at large and reveal to all that Jesus Christ holds our future”. The books can be very helpful to Joshua’s critics to know what true prophecies are, and what their significance equate to.

When Joshua spoke of the late Malawian president, some notoriously obsessed political juggernauts refused to understand his antecedents, and know that this man had made such revelations more than a hundred times over, before now. A reference to these books by any of such critics would reveal that T.B. Joshua is a genuine prophet, at work in Africa, straightforward, blunt, truthful, believable and unpretentious; there are evidences in his past prophecies that are akin his approach when speaking about the Malawian president.

But the issue goes beyond all these. Some people are beginning to read conspiratorially into the meeting between Joshua and Banda which eventually pushed off Mutharika from the political scene. What that is supposed to mean is difficult to establish. Professor Moyo, a Zanu PF minister, started it all when he said that Joshua’s involvement in the tragedy, “smacks more of a plot than a prophecy. One thing for sure is that there is no prophecy here but just a prediction if one is to give him a benefit of doubt”.

Such claims leave much to be desired. Joshua could not have had any specific interest in Malawi which could not be satisfied by the previous president and the present leadership. He could not have destroyed anybody’s life for any reason, whatsoever; what he said of the late president has been his prophetic trademark over the years. It is dangerous, therefore, for anybody to have created a selfish agenda from the so-called Banda/ Joshua controversy; it should indeed remain “a kind of wild goose chase” and has no potential to create tension anywhere in Africa; it cannot engineer violence and ethnic distrust in a country firmly gripped by widespread poverty. Poverty is one feature of most African countries, and political affirmations have not necessarily been built on platforms of truth, patriotism, discipline and passionate interest in moving the countries forward.

Mrs Banda’s immense popularity as a woman rights activist and critic of the past regime has been established. She founded her People’s Party (PP) which has protested “the feminization of poverty and her desire to tackle the menace”. Her emergence as president has been orchestrated by her deft political understanding and years of activism; Malawians trust her so much they brought her into governance as President. Banda is mature, focused, intelligent, courageous and understands the socio-political and economic realities of her home country. Being in government, she has urgently effected changes in the banking, media, police force, and ministries to attract people who are capable of introducing good fortunes into government. She has also pledged to re-unite with Zambia, as shown by her familiar talks with President Michael Sata. She had said, recently: “I spoke to President Sata of Zambia. We both committed ourselves to restore the cordial diplomatic relations between our two governments. It is important for us to improve and strengthen relations between our countries knowing how critical Zambia is to Malawi as a neighbor”. This president means business; she is focused and sincere, and Malawians do not centre attention on her religious life but what she is capable of achieving, based on what she had done in social, gender and political activism, over the years.

While Mrs Banda will make a good impression of herself as a rare politican and woman president in Africa, Joshua’s image as a believable end-time prophet cannot but only improve better with time!

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TB Joshua: The Lessons Of C.S. Upthegrove’s Proclamations

Ezekiel Fajenyo & Sunday Patrick

A few days ago at The SCOAN, headquarters,Lagos, a world-acknowledged man of God from theUSA, Evangelist C.S. Upthegrove came to reveal God’s message to the congregation who were delighted to see him for the very first time inAfrica. Author, preacher, Bible expositor and well-travelled evangelist, Upthegrove, now 83, had come armed with God’s message to the world – a message of assurance, faith, devotion, sincerity of worship and trust in His power.

Evangelist C.S. Upthegrove With TB Joshua

Upthegrove stepped out before the expectant SCOAN congregation in grace, looking radiant and fulfilled. He burst into his biography which revealed a background of total dedication to the service of God for upward of some 65 years, teaching the Word of God and pointing people towards Jesus Christ.

A counterpart of the great names in the contemporary biblical world such as AA Allen, Oral Roberts and William Branham, Upthegrove displayed vibrancy and celestial energy which some had thought his age would not allow. His statements flew around like robust birds freshly bathed and he was full of power, enthusiasm and interest as he revealed his unique vision. He narrated what he was told by A.A. Allen in the 1960’s of a prophet who was to come and whose impact would be felt all over the world, far more than those of contemporary relevance.

"Miracle Man" - AA Allen

Upthegrove told the congregation that AA Allen had actually described The SCOAN to him, so graphically, prophesying that God would sustain his life to see the fulfilment of his message and enabling him to meet the person concerned. He had always prayed to the Lord to give him grace to visit the prophesied church and it’s General Overseer. Allen’s vision had come in a period in which technologies such as the internet, through which many have discovered Joshua’s ministry, had not even been conceived.

Allen was believable because he was thorough, self-disciplined, committed, passionate about God and saw visions which were shockingly true. He was used by God to heal and deliver people as seen in his church at Miracle Valley, Arizona, USA and the multiple worldwide crusades he conducted. His relevance was acknowledged as a committed teacher, devoted preacher and faith-inspirer. His visions were not ruled by gender, colourations or racial separatism; he knew that God belongs to the entire human race, wherever found.

One of the numerous books authored by God's general, Upthegrove

Upthegrove, a father of four children and married for 61 years to his wife, spoke gently and understandably, how he had further encountered several miraculous happening in The SCOAN, which he called “a holy ground” especially through his viewing of Emmanuel TV.

Having been encouraged by the power of God he witnessed on Emmanuel TV, a type matching that which Allen had told him about, this USA based evangelist became further convinced of the enormous potentials of the church and the moving prophetic gifts of Prophet T.B. Joshua. He was moved by the true prophecies which had transformed the lives of millions of people the world over; prophecies which had given people freedom, hope, faith and refreshing confidence in God.

God’s General, C.S. Upthegrove, who had successfully pastored AA Allen’s church as a minister, was also encouraged by the ministration of the wise men in the church. He recounted how seeing such power demonstrated reminded him of all he had witnessed through ministers of God such as Oral Roberts, AA Allen, William Branham and RW Shambach who he had the privilege to work with and know personally.

God had told the church – through Upthegrove – that T.B. Joshua is one of His prophets, one through whom God would use to give people from all over the world their deliverance, blessings, healings and salvation. He said God uses anything to touch the lives of people – sticks, stones, shadows and even dead men’s bones. That T.B. Joshua has been using water to do likewise is in consonance with God’s ability to be present in every matter of nature. The Anointing Water has been successfully used over the years to tear thekingdomofsatanapart, set people free from bondages and fasten people’s expectations on God.

After all, Elisha’s body gave life to the dead. Paul used his apron to do a lot of wonders in human communities. Moses used his stick to perform miracles. David used a stone to end the tyrannical arrogance of Goliath. Sticks ended the lives of some 600 Philistines. He has used all these ‘weapons’ to prove His power – power which cannot be explained by people.

Another unique aspect of his message has to do with his God given revelation that Joshua is one of the twelve end-time prophets in the world. This is a rare confirmation. Apostles, the world over, are in several millions, but God knows exactly the gifts He gives to each individual, if actually they are called! The end-time prophets are bound to face opposition, sometimes vicious, dangerous, poison-edged and evil-laced challenges and criticisms, the kind which T.B. Joshua has been exposed to over the years.

The critics, forgetting that the Creator needs no approval from the created to call His servants, have never stopped asking for T.B. Joshua’s tenure of mentorship, church membership and pastoral training and confirmation. To them, the mentorship of God is insufficient. It is as if they demand that God should come physically to anoint Joshua, even when the fruits from his ministry demonstrate HE is clearly the centre of his ministerial commitments. Critics question the use of water and stickers; they query the stretching of hands and even the use of the word ‘Emmanuel’. They are not satisfied that the true work of God is being done in the midst of people from all corners of the globe – America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Upthegrove told the congregation to thank God, with him, for using T.B. Joshua in “delivering millions of people,” especially when ‘now faith’ is acknowledged. Miracles at The SCOAN are thorough, provable, and should therefore, not be condemned, desecrated and abused. The elderly man thanked God for allowing him to walk on holy ground, and to give to Joshua an edition of A.A. Allen’s Magazine (Miracle Magazine published in 1964), and personal stamp which was extensively used by Allen between 1965 and 1968.

The lesson’s of Upthegrove’s disclosures at The SCOAN are quite poignant. It is our firm conviction that Joshua is a true, anointed man of God, a disciple of God who has been so empowered to minister to the diverse needs of the human race. He is a symbol of God’s deep interest in the positive transformation of human souls in these last days. Upthegrove’s statements will assist to further galvanise people’s faith in God and improve the quality of their belief that with Him, nothing is impossible!


Links: (CS Upthegrove’s official website) (The SCOAN’s official website)


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